Phantom 3 Advanced Video Lag FIXED!


So sometime around April 2016, I started to notice video lag, then turned into a bad 3 to 6 second lag with some drop outs. From what I noticed this started to happen after P3 Adv Firmware 1.8.80. I played around with downgrading, upgrading, sdcards, you name it. I figured I was stuck, then 1.9.60 firmware came out and I had hoped it would fix it.

Nope, no fix to the video lag issues I was having. After some time in the forums, no body seems to have a fix for this issue and nobody really seemed to understand what was going on. The only way I could get any kind of better performance was to switch from NTSC to Pal settings on the camera. Which would make the lag better 2 – 4 seconds. So I started to research some more.  Continue reading