Custom Multirotor Builds

We can custom build you any kind of multirotor for any purpose! From long endurance, long distance search and rescue to all out FPV race quads we have the know how and experience to build your next flight system.

We can build you the top of the line, or fast and affordable. For example…

ZMR 210 customer build

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This is a hand built custom ZMR 210. There are no connectors, everything is hand soldered to insure connections stay solid. For this particular ZMR 210 quad, built and tuned ready to fly price was $330! They are very popular affordable quads that can do the FPV race as well as freestyle and sport flying. We can tune your FPV quad to do whatever kind of flying you plan to do!

We don’t just build them, we fly them too. We call them repair technicians here, but they are really experienced pilots with many years of RC FPV flying experience behind them. They know what works, and what works well and can answer any question you have from FPV racing to long range missions.

Contact us today to get started!

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We also have a flying group in the south part of houston, we hold MultiGP FPV racing events, and long range drone group missions. Come and join us if you are near the Houston area!