Repair Services

Have a sick Phantom? Solo? S900? Plane? Whatever UAV you have, we can help!

Current turn around time: Zero wait

When your drone or other multirotor crashes or gives you problems it can be very stressful. We can take all the guess work out of it for you, troubleshoot and diagnose whatever issue your uav is having. We go over every part of your flight gear, we check everything.  From the IMU to the screws, we go over everything.

We fix more than just phantoms! We repair FPV quads as well as planes! Have a crashed Storm 280, Immersion Vortex or TBS Vendetta? We fix them all!

The Repair Process

Step 1. Once you contact us, our repair technician will go over your repair and in most cases give you an estimate, we will give you a repair number, you simply write this number on your shipping label and/or shipping box.

Step 2. When we receive your shipment, our repair technician will contact you and let you know we have received your shipment and begin the diagnosis for you.

Step 3. Once then diagnosis is made, the repair technician will make a comprehensive report for you and contact you about your uav. Repairs only begin once you have authorized the repairs! No hidden fees, no surprise charges, everything is agreed upon up front and within your report an itemized list of the repair is made available to you.

Step 4. Systems/Flight test. Your uav is tested on the bench and in the air. Once the repair technician is satisfied that your uav is flight ready and rock solid he will contact you with the testing results and get payment from you.

Step 5. Once payment is made, your uav is shipped back to you.


Regular OneShot Repair Price Rates:
Full diagnosis: $25 (This despot goes towards the repair and is paid at step 2)
Regular Labor Hourly Rate: $60/hr (prorated per 15 minute block)

VIP Repair Price Rates:
VIP Labor Hourly Rate: $25/hr  (prorated per 15 minute block)
VIP Parts: 5% over cost (covers parts shipping)

VIP membership
is $8.00 per month or prepay yearly and save 10%! This gives you massively discounted parts cost and labor costs! No limit on repairs per year, your repairs will be amazingly cheaper! Plus, your repair is always put to the front of the line! Do the math, even if you only use this service once a year it means hundreds saved!

If you’d like to subscribe for VIP service, ask your repair technician!

If you are ready, or want more information Contact the Doc!   We’ll get you flying quick!

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